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From Disruption to Innovation

"Protestivals" and Design Activism

Every innovation creates disruption. Even if the benefits from change are great and clear, changing the status quo takes effort; some things need to be replaced, some skills relearned. It is not easy to leave the comfort zone, even if that comfort zone is not that comfortable in the first place.
It goes both ways – disruptive events also tend to breed innovation. Take, for example, the recent global quarantine: everyday life in the whole world was disrupted, put on hold. But at the same time, what one could see in online design and architecture forums, zines and blogs... was not a hiatus but an explosion of creative discussion: proposals – both practical and utopian – about how to redesign the world and how to cope with this new challenge.


Look at how community protests trigger innovation in living environment design.

Maagazine KUNST.EE 2022/3
5 pages

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