Portfolio of Margus Tamm

Hot Art Chatline

Press text:
“Everything you always wanted to know about art but were afraid to ask.
Call me! Your anonymity is guaranteed.”

For one month 24/7, there was a public phone number to call and talk about art.
Art Chat Line was promoted via press release and flyers, and then already via additional media interest it granted.

The project explores the ways of communication between contemporary art and wider audience. Presuming that contemporary art is popularly preserved as being too highbrow, the logical solution then was to go lowbrow.


2003 Tallinna, public.
2005 Auckland, New Zealand, public & Gus Fisher Gallery.
In co-operation with Sandra Jõgeva, Kristin Kalamees, Krista Rambak (also a formation of group PinkPunk).
New Zealand version in co-operation with Ono, Rebekah Coogan, Srivhana.
Camera: Marcus Williams.
Soundtrack: Barbariz.