Portfolio of Margus Tamm

Archaeology and the future of the Estonian post-internet

One of the most important consequences of the pandemic and the accompanying quarantine and mitigation measures is likely to be investing in memes making its way to the masses and the mainstream. The best-known examples are the ironic investment in Gamestop and Dogecoin, and to at least some extent, the NFT trading boom. Given the sums that have circulated so far – perhaps best exemplified by, for example, US digital artist Mike Winkelmann, alias Beeple – it is clear that art fairs are already looking for ways to integrate NFTs, but for this NFTs must first be integrated with art history. This is not that easy because digital NFT art has emerged as if by itself and from scratch, outside the traditional art world and its institutions.


Speculative meditation about possible connections between post-internet art and NFT art, and about politics of memory.

Kunst.ee, summer'21
5 pages

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