Portfolio of Margus Tamm

Encounters (ENM)

The main permanent exhibition Encounters at the Estonian National Museum.

The aim was to create the 21th-century national museum – not only in terms of technical solutions but also in its museal essence.
Encounters reveals history as the flow of a multitude small, forking stories. Exposition encourages free wandering: branching from the central timeline, there are 12+3 autonomous thematic hubs. Beginning from present-day, the real-time upgrading exposition (tweet-map etc) will eventually end up where our historical knowledge runs out. After the ice age, the runway is ahead.

Estonian National Museum
Head curator: Kristel Rattus
Exhibition architecture: 3+1 Architects
Interactive: Platvorm, Masinism
AV: Marko Raat
Type design: Mart Anderson
Graphic design: Margus Tamm

Awards: Estonian Design Awards, bronze