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We Are Standing on the Shoulders of Fallen Heroes

On the importance of machinations in the visual representation of history

Museums are sites of finely structured argument.

Timothy W. Luke

In the beginning, there was the encyclopedia. It was not about the developed printing technology, the opportunity to replicate a lot cheaply was not a solution. On the contrary, it created a problem – the enlightenment era bourgeoisie, inspired by new theories, was a powerful potential target group but it was clearly not ready to receive long treatises. A breakthrough arrived when encyclopedias adopted a user-friendly alphabetical system like there was in dictionaries. This design solution helped, for the first time in human history – in the 18th century –, to transform knowledge into commodities.


Essay introducing the problematics of museum exhibition design

Keywords: museology, infographics, Jacques Barbeau-Dubourg, William Playfair, Charles Joseph Minard, Charles Darwin

New Material 2: communication – Hype –
POPULISM in contemporary art and culture

9 pages

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