Portfolio of Margus Tamm

Black ceiling

Our room has a black ceiling
it’s black and smoky
there are cobwebs
there’s shoot
and so much
so much pain
o lord have mercy
our room has a black ceiling
and so does our time
which is twisting in chains
if only it could talk


Site-specific performance at the former Tallinn City Central Power Station. During the performance, the maquette of the very same industrial complex was mounted to the main hall's ceiling like a chandelier, to enlight its own abandoned interior.

Duration: 40 min

Project made in co-operation with Pärtel Tall
Lyrics: Juhan Liiv
Sound: Mihkel Kleis, Taavi Tulev, Lauri-Dag Tüür
Vocals: Jaakko-Priidik Hallas
Choreography: group Tee Kuubis