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A tale about Raul Meel

Flicking through reviews of Raul Meel’s works, the usage of the word myth strikes the eye: self-myth, creation of myth, artist’s myth, world myth. Raul Meel is therefore someone whose work as an artist can be compared with myths, and it fits into the framework of myth creation. Raul Meel’s life has not been easy, establishing a career as an artist has been a struggle, his biography contains both triumphs as well as failures, as befits a hero, and the creative path has not been straight, but constantly searching and presumably occasionally also uncertain. Still, all’s well that ends well and, looking around at the current grand and wonderful retrospective in the big hall of the KUMU art museum, we can say that this is a myth with a happy ending.


Exhibition review
Keywords: Raul Meel, Soviet avantgarde, text art, concrete poetry

Estonian Art 14/1
4 pages

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