Portfolio of Margus Tamm

Visitors From the Future

From the press release:
"Women were the 20th century's suppressed majority. The suppressed majority of the 21st century are the elderly ones. As the popular cult of youth has made younger generations vanish into comfort and conformism, the future then belongs to the elders!"

The initial performance consisted of contacting the pensioner organizations to offer the free tour to the contemporary art festival, then organizing the bus trip and performing the duties of guides. During the tour, the participants were kindly asked to wear the specially designed T-shirts as uniform.

Gooseflesh Art Festival
in cooperation with Sandra Jõgeva (Avangard)
AV: Galaktlan (music), Andres Horn, Kristin Kalamees, Krista Rambak (camera), Lauri Laasik (montage)