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Blood and Honour (The Haunted History Museum)

Exposition presents the works of two Estonian outsider-artists - Jüri Henno and Harri Koor.

Harri Koor is a respected village-carpenter who in his spare time builds military monuments dedicated to WWII. His DIY monumental landscapes are unsetting, haunting mix of totalitarian symbolics, folklore and everyday commodity.
Harri Koor thus perpetuates the unwanted, expelled history using bricolage: mixing together found objects and ideological waste-materials.

Jüri Henno is an independent publisher whose life-long work is to restore the Book of Wisdom (a mythical primordial text which by legend went lost; this loss lead to many distresses and overall downfall of the Estonian nation). Jüri Henno uses variety methods and sources – work with archives, folklore collecting and also meditation and visionary messages. Additionally he leads the proto-religious group with 20-30 member.At the exhibition the half-finished Book of Wisdom is projected to the pages of empty book.


Installation made in co-operation with Argo Peever
Documentary videos made in co-operation with Liisi Eelmaa

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