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This Was the Best Party. And I wasn`t there.

From the press-release:
This was the best party. This was the party where the sky was the limit. This was the dance where the invisible hands leaded the strongest, for the best and for the fittest. World belonged to us. This party is over. The economy falls, resources are running out, the see is rising to drown the overheated economy. The party is over. Milton Friedman has left the building.

For the installation the gallery-space was completely rebuild. When stepped into the gallery then Instead of white cube the visitor found himself in the narrow half-filled tunnel with stroboscope light and music streaming in from behind the walls. At the end of the tunnel one could find himself facing the escape route through the window (which existence one didn`t know before as this vindow is normally hidden behind the thin wall), leading into the inner yard (which existence one didn`t know before neither).

Exhibition architect: Argo Peever

Music: Luarvik Luarvik feat. Roomet Jakapi, lyrics: Ragnar Redbeard "Might is Right"

Exhibition music mp3