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Happy Holocaust

Performance for the contemporary art festival Gooseflesh.
For the performance public was invited to the abandoned granary building. DJ was playing, people were gathering. Then the doors were closed, performers put on a gas masks and brought balloons with labels NO2 (laughing gas) out from hide. DJ continued play music, nobody was let out and at the same time the room was filled with gas. Performance lasted about 20 minutes before doors were opened.

Technically it was a hoax - balloons were filled with cooled air. Still many were afterwards convinced that there was a hallucinogen gas in the air, and described the affects.

There is no documentation about this performance, as the festivals official photographer panicked and escaped in the very beginning of performance.

Performance made in cooperation with Sandra Jõgeva
DJ: Mihkel Kleis
Consultant for chemistry: Märt Sults